This is me- Ian Watson, also known as Ely Whitley if you want to google me, but wash your hands first please.

I write- mainly comedy dialogue and stories and the book to the odd musical.

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I've gone for 'hardass' in my pic here- I think I nailed it so... you know, just watch it, alright!

 I've designed this website to be plain looking, mundane even, for a very specific reason which I'm not about to tell you because, well let's face it, you could be some whack-job with a penchant for random acts of violence or, even worse, somebody I know. Sufficed to say It's like this for a reason so don't look at it and think, "If this is anything to go by he's about as creative as a falling rock!"

I'd just like you to bear two things in mind while you're here:

1: Everything you see is my property and it's all electronically dated and copywritten so don't think you can go nicking my ideas/stuff and get away with it because I'll find you and hack your knackers off with the legal equivalent of a tree lopper!

2: Falling rocks can have a lot of impact.


LIFT the Musical will be on at the SOHO THEATRE from Jan 30th 2013 !!


We now have a stellar cast and the incredible Mr. Steven Paling directing.

It's going to run for 4 weeks through Feb so book your tickets ASAP folks!

Here's the website:

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