In a tiny, isolated village a prodigal son of the ruling family returns from America to take residence in the manor house. He brings his frail American wife, with whom he shares a very rare blood type, and her black son, just as the Covid pandemic begins and the village us plunged into lockdown.

Torn between his loyalties to this ancient community of villagers that has served his family for centuries, and his new, isolated family, he chooses his ancestry and sets up at the local hospital as surgeon-in-chief and saviour of Crownebourne. Soon a darker side to his personality emerges as his frustrations with his home life boil up into an affair at work and a fit of anger that leaves his poor wife in hospital, half dead and in need of a new heart.

Enter Jerry, the fish-out-water American son. Young, foreign, black and gay, he couldn’t be further from the world he knows, but his mother’s predicament leads him to make friends, find a cause to fight for and, ultimately, fall in love.

Covid row is a story about how cultures, colours and communities clash and loyalties are tested at times of crisis. How lockdown and quarantine can leave people isolated and struggling, but how the power of healing, community, love and, ultimately, sacrifice, can change us all.