if you've just come straight to this page then there's something you need to know about reading the stuff but I just can't be bothered writing it all again so go and read this bit on one of the other pages and it'll tell you all you need to know. Thanks.

The Prom. Episode3-babs..doc The Prom. Episode3-babs..doc
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I've written a novel called 'Out of Season'. It's set in a Blackpool nightclub and I considered turning it into a sitcom. There's a distinct possibility that it will be published soon (which is why it's not on this website) so I stopped such thoughts until there was something to be had from it but I did this episode and here is a section- a few scenes if you like, to show the style of the dialogue and the characters.
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This was part of a competition and I was one of the five winners. It was produced by the BBC and broadcast on 5LIVE on Christmas day believe it or not!

It's about the superstitions that we football fans can develop as if we're part of the team effort.

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As a kid In used to listen to old LPs of Bob Newhart. An American comedian and Tv star who would record his famous dialogues as single sides of conversations and the listener would fill in the other side. The famous ones were about things like a driving instructor, Walter Raleigh introducing tobacco to America, The Grace L Furgusson Airline (and stormdoor company), even a talking someone out of suicide. They were superb and it's a style I've used a few times but that doesn't seem to have made it back into the limelight.

This is one side of a phone conversation between a snooty hotel receptionist and Ray Charles (A personal hero of mine) It was written when Ray was alive, naturally.

The Old Guys script.doc The Old Guys script.doc
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Another competition (that I discovered, too late, I was excluded from entering because I'd already won a radio comp for the BBC! Ah Well.) The comp gave you the first scenes of a sitcom and you had to finish it off.

I chose 'The Old Guys' and saw it as 'The Odd Couple' meets 'Bottom'. Old folk can be hilarious and don't get enough opportunities to show their anarchic side on tv these days- unless you count Victor Meldrew and even he was a bit tame at times.

Hustle monologue..doc Hustle monologue..doc
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They were looking for a monologue for a scam on 'Hustle' the BBC drama series so I came up with this. it's a bit raw but I think it works and the dialect is good, or so I'm told.

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