You get the picture by now right? remember to 'SAVE' and not just 'open' these files.... what? I don't know why, I just work here, you'll have to speak to IT

36,33.doc 36,33.doc
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I was going to call this 'Mind the GAP' but didn't want anyone to know it was about buying jeans in Gap and how unbelievably 'service orientated' they are in there.

... oh hang on I may have just....

Anything Yet.doc Anything Yet.doc
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Very quick, simple idea.
Kevin Bradshaw.doc Kevin Bradshaw.doc
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This one is a bit unsusual and might not be to your taste. It had me in fits when I was thinking about it but if you don't buy into it then you'll think it's crap- and therefore YOU'LL be crap too! So nerr!
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 Bloody car insurance! they want to know the ins and outs of a fly's arse!
is this a bad time.doc is this a bad time.doc
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Our male ego's will always give us away no matter how cool we try to pretend we are.

grow up Brian.doc grow up Brian.doc
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It's like when someone says 'number two' to me. The child in me just won't go away! it's even worse in a business environment.

grandmas birthday.doc grandmas birthday.doc
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Should get a lot of laughs and a few tuts too.

Paul.docx Paul.docx
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This is a monologue I wrote recently for my wife. It's inspired by Vict those Classic Wood/Walters pieces from years ago but in a modern style. 

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